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Safety Spotlight


According to the National Safety Council (NSC), coming into contact with objects and equipment accounts for 26% of workplace injuries.  Examples of these types of accidents include being struck by or against an object or equipment; being caught in or compressed by objects or equipment; and, being struck, caught or crushed in collapsing structure, equipment or material.  The NSC suggests following these TIPS: store heavy objects close to the floor; be aware of moving equipment/ objects in your work area; and, wear the proper personal protective equipment.  For the month of November we'd like to feature Tienson A. for our Safety Spotlight.

Congratulations Tienson and thanks for maintaining a safe work environment since you started working for UES in July!

We appreciate your dependability and staying alert on the job!



Safety Spotlight


According to the National Safety Council (NSC), overexertion is responsible for 33% of workplace injuries.  Overexertion can be caused by lifting or lowering, and repetitive motions, among other activities.  The NSC provides the following tips: Avoid bending, reaching and twisting when lifting; and, take frequent short breaks.  Our Safety Spotlight for the month of October showcases our employee Khari H.

Thanksgiving and kudos go out to Khari for maintaining a safe work environment while employed through UES!

Over the past 13 months he's been accident free!




Safety Spotlight


Paula V. is the focus of our safety spotlight for last month.  She's been working for UES off and on for the past two and a half

years without any safety related incidents.  We appreciate you Paula; thanks for setting a good example!



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