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Employee of the Month


Sheldon P. will be celebrating his second anniversary with Utah Employment Services in January.  He's been working at Rocky Mountain Recycling, where he has maintained an accident-free, problem-free record.  As an early celebration, we'd like to recognize Sheldon for his dedication and hard work.  Thanks Sheldon!



Employee of the Month


Utah Employment Services wants to recognize Hector G. for his seven and a half years of hard work and dedication to UES and Taylor Electric!  Throughout his years of employment, Hector has always been hard-working, reliable and safety oriented.  He's moving on to new adventures.  We are sad to see you go, Hector, but wish you all the best!


                  Hector G.                


Employee of the Month


Dinh L. has been nominated our 'Employee of the Month' for September.  He's been working at Rocky Mountain Recycling for the past seven months.  During his employment there have been no issues with his attendance, coworkers or otherwise.  And, Dinh has had ZERO on-the-job injuries.  Dinh, we appreciate your dedication to being present at work every day!



Employee of the Month


We want to recognize Mary L. for her continued commitment to UES and Pro Star.  It’s a joy to see her when she comes into our office.  She has a great personality and always has a smile on her face.  Thanks Mary!

                    Mary L.                     

Employee of the Month


Arturo H. has been an extremely reliable member of the Utah Employment Services team.  He’s been available multiple times for same day assignments, always returns our calls and has never had any issues with others.  We appreciate the patience that he has shown UES and our client companies.  Thank you Arturo!

Employee of the Month


Ted Lewis has been working for Utah Employment Services at Cover-Pools Inc. since March of this year.  He's worked over 40 hours nearly every week since he started and has been a great asset to both Cover-Pools and UES.  In May, he worked over 246 hours without any injuries or issues with co-workers or supervisors.  Congratulations on becoming 'Employee of the Month' Ted!



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