Utah Employment Services
Employee of the Month


Arturo H. has been an extremely reliable member of the Utah Employment Services team.  He’s been available multiple times for same day assignments, always returns our calls and has never had any issues with others.  We appreciate the patience that he has shown UES and our client companies.  Thank you Arturo!

Employee of the Month


Patricia Mapu has been an employee of ours for ten months now, working for Kilgore Companies.  Her supervisor gave her an excellent review, stating that she's self-driven, has a great attitude and always goes above and beyond.  Way to go Patricia, we couldn’t be happier with your work!


Employee of the Month


Ted Lewis has been working for Utah Employment Services at Cover-Pools Inc. since March of this year.  He's worked over 40 hours nearly every week since he started and has been a great asset to both Cover-Pools and UES.  In May, he worked over 246 hours without any injuries or issues with co-workers or supervisors.  Congratulations on becoming 'Employee of the Month' Ted!



Employee of the Month


Lidia Dorsey has been working for Utah Employment Services since June of 2016.  She has been a dedicated employee, steadily working at Rocky Mountain Recycling.  During the month of April, she had no injuries while working 160 regular hours and 20 hours of overtime.  Thank you Lidia!


Employee of the Month


Camren has been a Utah Employment Services' employee since February and has been working at Snaplock Manufacturing.  Right from the start he managed to impress the supervisors at Snaplock.  They have referred to him as a “great find” and enjoy working with him.  Thanks Camren!


Employee of the Month


Bridger Ferre has been working with UES at Taylor Electric since June 2016.  The feedback we received from his supervisor is amazing! - "Bridger is an excellent hand on the jobsite.  He is a very quick learner and self-starter.  He has a bright future with Taylor Electric." Thank you for your hard work Bridger!

                Bridger Ferre                



Feedback Request

We want your feedback!  (Pretend that you're writing it on an index card and dropping it into a suggestion box.)  Please provide your praise or constructive criticism by emailing us at info@utahemploy.com, or rating us on Google or Facebook (www.facebook.com/ues1995).  Thank you!



Employee of the Month


Gabriel Idowu has been working at Snaplock Manufacturing since October 2017.  He’s been doing a wonderful job!  He's had no issues with his attendance and has had zero on-the-job injuries.  Gabriel, UES and Snaplock appreciate your hard work!



Employee of the Month


Travis has been with Utah Employment Services for a little over a year, working at Taylor Electric.  He hasn't had any on-the-job injuries while he’s been with us.  The following is direct feedback from his supervisor, “Travis is doing really well.  He works hard and stays on what he is supposed to be doing.  He’s helpful and a good teammate, always willing to help out where needed.” Thank you Travis!


                 Travis Walsh               




Here's to a Happy and Peaceful 2018!

~ Utah Employment Services